Saturday, March 27, 2010

What a Pleasant Surprise

Today Kathleen, Courtney and I scoured the entire City of Rexburg to find a certain kind of Cinnamon Bears. We were successful at finding the cinnamon bears so we headed back home. My room mate Shae called asking where I was and I informed here I just walked through the door. She said Okay and then kinda hung up. I thought nothing of it.

Then there was a knock at the door. Hmmm, who could it be? I answered the door, saw who was standing there, processed the information and then yelled "TREVOR!" He came to visit me all the way in litle Rexburg. He was helping a friend car shop and one of the cars they looked at was in Idaho Falls, so he just came by to visit! It was such a nice surprise! This is why my room mate called me (to find out where I was). We sat and chatted for a bit, I offered some of my cinnamon bears, and we talked about how this summer is going to be AMAZING.

I love my big brother.

Doesn't he look good in a suit and tie? I think so.

Trevor, Me, Colie (Trevor's friend who was looking for a new car)

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  1. HEY!!!! I just lost the comment I had written! (And what was I JUST telling your mom last night about that? GEEZ!)

    Anyway - hurray! I found your blog! It WAS in your information section on FB but I had to go looking for it.

    It has been really fun having your family in and out of our house this past month. You guys are good "easy" guests to have.

    And I LOVE that family picture you have on your side bar. So cute.

    Love you. xo