Friday, October 15, 2010

Registered Nurses

These are a few people I would like to thank for helping me through the program.
Mom and Dad-They were with me through it all. From talking to Brother McBride in the Benson my second semester at BYU-I to the day I found out I passed my test. They listened to me sob those big sobs when you can't even breathe and they gave me pointers on how to get through clinicals. Okay, so maybe mom helped me get through the clinical parts a little more than dad, but dad helped me and advised me about church things and keeping my priorties straight. I love both of them so much and would not have made it through this all without them. Literally. They paid for it.

Courtney, Kathleen, and Bebe- You girls lived with me during nursing school. That should earn you a gold medal. You girls are the greatest. You were always there to cheer me on and encourage me. You were there on those early mornings (yes I consider 6 to be VERY early) and those late nights (even though I was always the last one to go to bed). You knew when I needed dinner and baby hotdogs, and you knew when I needed those special girls nights. Thank you for putting up with me when I was not well rested and not fed. I can be grumpy when I'm either of those two things. I love you girls!!!!!

Kelsey & Alana- You girls always put a smile on my face. Especially that first semester. Micro labs just wouldn't have been the same without you. Alana, you are just the cutest person I have met. I love seeing your beautiful face in class and during flag football games. Kelsey, I'm so glad that I have become so close with you. I loved eating lunch with you on campus and just talking about life. Thank you for letting me give you my very first injection and for being such a good sport about it. Also, thank you for being so patient with me. I consider you one of my dearest friends and I feel so lucky to have met you. I love you and your little family. PS everyone knows you as my "nursing buddy"

Aubrey- I know you don't think you did all that much to help me get through the program but trust me, you did. Do you remember helping Kelsey and I study for Hunter's Final? I was freaking out and Kelsey wasn't feeling well at all. You helped calm me down and explained the material in a way that I could understand it. You also helped me study for Funk's final as well. It was the day that we "helped" with the music video. You did the same thing that day. You calmed me down and taught me the material in a way that I could understand it. You didn't know this at the time, but I needed to do extremely well on each of those test or I would have been kicked out of the program. There was one other time that you were there for me. It was after a scenario and I was in the bathroom sobbing and you heard me. You just came up to me and hugged me and just let me cry. Thank you, thank you, thank you.