Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Passing Test Scores

Let me fill you in on the process of taking at test at BYU-Idaho. You study for hours on end, then once you finally feel confident enough to take the test you head over to the testing center. In order to get to the testing center you must walk up a huge flight of stairs. Once you are there the employee scans your ID card, hands you your test, and a scantron sheet. Then you walk into a large silent room full of fellow peers taking all sorts of tests.

Once I get into that large room I pick a seat, say a quick prayer, and then proceed to bubble in A, B, C, or D. Once you have filled in all the bubbles (hopefully with the correct answers) I then exit the big silent room, hand my test and scantron to another employee and then wait to see my score on the TV just outside the door.

My test scores used to be fantastic, but once the nursing program started I just couldn't seem to catch a break. UNTIL NOW! My last, but not least, nursing class is on cardiac and I really like it. I find the material fun to study and I understand it, which has made my test scores shoot up! I took my fourth test for this class today and I was so happy with my score I had to get a picture.

I didn't get the perfect score of 100%, but I was still jumping for joy! A good score makes the rest of my day wonderful. Hopefully I will be jumping for joy after my exit exam...

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