Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Curtie Burt

This is Curtis. I like to call him Curtie Burt. He is the fourth of the six McKendrick children. Today is his birthday and he turned 16! This is a big deal in Mormon lives because it means you can start dating!!! I better be hearing about all of his hott dates in the near future.

Curtie Burt is such an amazing brother and person. Not only is he tan, smart, in shape from all that swimming, sweet, funny, and a walking encyclopedia he is also humble about it all. He is a boy of many talents and I love being his big sister.

He is currently a sophomore in high school where he plays the violin, water polo, and swims competitively. He's amazing.

His water polo "uniform"

Me and Curtie in Hawaii April 2009

I love you Curtie, and I hope your birthday was everything you wished it would be.

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